Prefeitura Municipal de São João do Piauí

Radar da transparência pública

A JSON document is a record that stores straightforward information constructions and objects in JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) design, which is a standard information trade design. It is principally utilized for sending information between a web application and a server. JSON documents are lightweight, text-based, comprehensible, and can be altered by using a content manager. JSON is JavaScript object documentation or a progression of JavaScript objects with recorded credits. These credits are what is recorded within each set of wavy sections and give data about the object.

can i open json file in excel

PIA prevents snoops and cybercriminals from discovering your true location and what you do online using advanced encryption, so your activity won’t be traced back to your device. Yes, hiding any file or folder is simple on most operating systems. In Windows, right-click the file, select ‘Properties’, and check ‘Hide’. For Linux, all you need to do is add a period (.) at the beginning of the file and it defaults to hidden. On macOS, click ‘Terminal’ and enter the command ‘chflags hidden’, then drag the CBR file file you want to hide into the Terminal window.

You reached your free limit of 50 MB per file.

Continue reading below to know some of the regular safety approaches to download a file. The pop-up may take you to a shady website where downloading files puts your PC at risk. If a pop-up appears, it is best to close it right away and try again. This built in feature isn’t the most powerful or convenient tool, but it will serve you in a pinch—assuming you just need support for ZIP files and no fancy features.

  • It integrates the ability to edit, annotate, sign, and convert PDF documents.
  • We respect your privacy because we operate on strong ethical principles.
  • Objects may be either direct (embedded in another object) or indirect.

7-Zip is a comparable alternative to WinRAR because of its straightforward user interfaces and capabilities. While Microsoft Windows computers and laptops are equipped with native compression and extraction capabilities, the ability to manage RAR files is not possible. The application has an intuitive interface, which lets people easily and quickly navigate the system of compressing and extracting data into RAR and ZIP files.


You may need to wait for a few seconds depending on the size of the data and your internet connection speed. However, you may find yourself limited by the functionality. You can add your own code as well because the script is open-source. There are essentially two ways to import JSON files to Google Sheets. The first method includes coding a JSON importer on your own, while the second involves importing JSON files using a pre-built tool.